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The world of mycology is one of the most important attractions in the area, both for the amount that can be collected, and for the variety of edible mushroom species that grow in spring and autumn.But in addition to mycology, one cannot forget that the province of Soria, especially the Valle area, offers numerous leisure possibilities.

But in addition to mycology, one cannot forget that the province of Soria, especially the Valle area, offers numerous leisure possibilities.

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Activities in the area


1Hiking and mountain biking
- In the surrounding mountains, you can take different routes without a trail which are very beautiful. In addition, if you would like to, there are also two of the marked sections of the GR 86 which you can complete.
2Water sports
- On the artificial beaches of the "Embalse de la Cuerda del Pozo", 35km from the Entrerrobles Camping campsite, swimming and water sports are permitted.
- 20km from Entrerrobles is the Pedrajas Golf Course, which has an 18-hole course of medium-high difficulty.
4Horse riding
- 20km away is the "Cuadra Antares" where you can take horse riding lessons or go on horseback rides and trips.

With the family

1Mushroom picking
- It’s one of the most important attractions thanks to the quantity and variety of edible species of mushrooms that grow in the area.
2Multi-adventure forest park
- 28km from Entrerrobles there is a multi-adventure forest park with more than ninety games arranged in different routes according to their level of difficulty.
3Cave exploring
- 70km from Entrerrobles is the Galiana cave, a simple route to learn and get started in the science of Speleology which studies the origin and formation of caves.
4Bird watching and deer rut
- In Sierra Cebollera, which is part of the Natura 2000 network as a Special Protection Area (SPA), the bellows of the deer rut can be heard from September. In addition, it is possible to pinpoint the areas where the bellowing occurs and also catch a glimpse of one of the following bird species: Goshawk, eagle, hawk, woodcock, bullfinch chickadee, alpine river pipit, alpine accentor, bluethroat, alpine partridge, water blackbird, kingfisher, different species of bats and migratory birds such as wood pigeon. For more info about the area click here.
5Ski Resort “Punto de Nieve Santa Inés”
- 30km from Entrerrobles, is the ski resort "Punto de Nieve de Santa Inés" with three pistes (1.8km) and two lifts for practicing alpine and cross-country skiing.

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